Letter from the Chapter

To whom it may ever concern,

            I am writing this letter to express the absolute love that I have for my chapter, not only as the President of this chapter but as a caring sister as well. When I first became a part of this sorority I was a little nervous being in an organization with so many girls that I didn’t know coming into college as a freshman at Angelo State. Little did I know that I became so in love on the first day of joining this chapter on Bid Day! The feelings of excitement and happiness filled my heart in that day from all of my sister that I knew I made the right decision joining. So far I have been in the chapter for 3 years and I am still the happiest girl to be in this chapter. I have met some of the most amazing and inspirational women in this chapter that have been there for me through many things since I’ve been in the chapter and I am so thankful for every one of you girls. There are so many different personalities in the sorority that I can say we all even each other out in some way or another. I believe that with the support and guidance we can all provide for each other, we can grow as a chapter and as women, we just have to make sure we have the best intentions for all of us and not one of us! I love this chapter very much and I am thankful to be able to lead this chapter as the acting president for the year of 2016.



Lucy Candia